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28 Best Types of Sushi You Have to Try When Visiting Japan! It’s also relatively simple to prepare at home, by getting the noodles and the soup in which they are dipped at a grocery store. It’s considered to be fast food, and, while some kinds can be served cold, it’s usually hot, and a godsend on cold days. Yakisoba as the name suggests is a variety of grilled soba (or noodles in general) and is a dish typically found at festivals. Day Trip to Yaizu, Shizuoka: Gorgeous Views of Mt. Light and fluffy tempura is Japan’s contribution to the world of deep-fried foods (though it probably originated with Portuguese traders). As Japan's political center for over four centuries, Tokyo has naturally exerted great influence on Japanese cuisine. Unique and beguiling, Japan is a country of binaries. And if you’re visiting Tokyo, you’ll have to stop by Tsukishima district, famous for both okonomiyaki and monjayaki. The most advanced country in Asia, … In fact, not only can different versions of this dish be found in many countries in Asia, but also within Japan. The traditional confectionery known as wagashi is served with tea in Japan. Nabe: Complete Guide to the Delicious, Traditional Japanese Hot Pot, Natto Beans: All About Japan's Weird Fermented Soy Superfood! Particularly recommended during cold winter days, you can’t leave Japan without trying this evergreen dish! The noodles are served in either a hot, soy sauce-flavoured broth, or at room temperature on a bamboo mat with broth on the side for dipping. It’s in the variety of flavours and textures – like tangy, creamy uni (sea urchin roe) and plump, juicy amaebi (sweet shrimp) – that things get interesting. Osaka is a massive city with plenty to do and much personality. This dish served in almost any combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, is truly a staple of Japanese cuisine. Imagawayaki is a sweet Japanese street food treat that is made from a batter of eggs, flour, sugar, and water that is ‘baked’ in disk-shaped molds. Fukuoka is particularly famous for its rich tonkotsu ramen while pungent miso ramen is a specialty of Hokkaido. Other items, such as daikon, shrimp, fish, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, or meat, can be added. Typical ingredients for teppanyaki are beef, shrimp, vegetables, chicken, and scallops. Famous Japanese include writer Haruki Murakami, artist Yoko Ono, fashion designer Issey Miyake and Emperor Akihito. With its stunning landscapes and strong cultural identity, Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination that's home to some deliciously fresh cuisine. Tonkatsu is also perfect for on-the-go sandwiches, making for a great quick meal. Ramen (egg noodles in a salty broth) is Japan’s favourite late-night meal. ), Honke Owariya: Inside The Kyoto Soba Restaurant That Was Founded in 1465 (And Is Still Crazy Popular). Today we’re going to learn how to say food in Japanese along with some of the most common words for food items in Japanese which are sure to get your mouth watering.. It’s important to know some basic vocabulary for food when traveling in Japanese. The name of this flavorful dish derives from the contraction of the words omelet and rice. What is Japanese food to us? The preparation is simple. Restaurants in Japan range from mobile food stands to centuries old ryotei, atmospheric drinking places, seasonally erected terraces over rivers, cheap chain shops and unique theme restaurants about ninja and robots. Yakizakana may not be as popular as sushi outside of Japan, but it’s arguably much more common than raw fish in this country. It straddles both the traditional and ultra-modern, with buzzing cities alongside stunning natural landscapes. Although Chinese in origin, the varieties you'll discover during your Japan stay are often quite distinct from the original. It's perfectly acceptable to slurp noodles in Japan but udon should be slurped with care as they tend to spray broth if slurped quickly. Tempura is a great dish all year round, especially for those of you who enjoy sharing a few drinks with friends. Soba can be enjoyed in a cold dip, or in a broth, as a noodle soup. Many of us also know of sashimi, tempura, and ramen. If you’re visiting the country, you’ll want to try one of the many kinds of this staple dish. Destinations Food & Drink News Stay Video Search The soups in which the ingredients are boiled also change depending on the region. It’s a standard dish in Japan, but you can find several kinds, like the one served with tonkatsu sauce, the demi katsudon (a specialty of Okayama), shio-katsudon (flavored with salt), or the miso-katsu (originally from Nagoya). This is another variety of one-pot dishes consisting of several ingredients (usually eggs, konjac, fish cakes, and daikon) served in a dashi and soy soup. Interestingly, the liver is considered the tastiest part of the fish, but it’s also the one that can be the most poisonous. This dish is particularly popular in summer when a dish of somen chilled with ice cubes is all you need to recharge, fill up, cool off, and take a break from the brutal Japanese summer heat. Part dinner, part work of art, kaiseki is Japan’s haute cuisine. Depending on your country of origin, this dish may appear, at a glance, too atypical, but bear with us and keep reading. Japanese cuisine is world-famous, but there is so much food in Japan to try besides sushi! You can certainly find restaurants in which this dish is served, but you’ll love making your own at home (if you have Japanese friends, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll know how to do it). Japanese is the official and primary language of Japan. You’re now on the way to become a true expert on food in Japan! Tonkatsu, breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet, dates to the late 19th century when Japan threw open its doors to Western influence. In America, sushi is the big hitter, as is sashimi, its rice-less variant. Throughout Hokkaido, there are many diverse local specialties from Genghis Khan barbecueto tribal plates like ruibe (るいべ) which is similar to salmon sashimi. Made out of wheat flour, it’s usually served cold. The dish seems to have originated in Tokyo, in a western-style restaurant, roughly 100 years ago. You will want to visit it to try , a dish similar to okonomiyaki, but with a less dense texture and with different ingredients. This dish appears in different varieties depending on the season and the region you’re visiting. This dish, also known as kushiage, is crunchy deep-fried skewered meat, fish, or vegetables. Popular both in Japanese nabe restaurants and at home, the dish is prepared by boiling in seasoned or unseasoned water a variety of ingredients: meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, and tofu. Sashimi, another iconic food of Japan, is basically raw fish or seafood served with wasabi (a spicy japanese condiment) and soy sauce. Season the meat with salt and pepper and cover it with flour. Soy foods, such as miso and tofu, also play central roles in Japanese kitchens. *This information is from the time of this article's publication. The main export products of Japan is known for the production of motor vehicles, electronics, robotics and mobile games. Kansai Okonomiyaki: The selection is huge. This creates a variety of unique styles and flavors that will keep you wanting more! There are four major soup styles: tonkotsu (pork bone), miso, soy sauce and salt. You can also prepare yakisoba by stir-frying the noodles. In early times, somen was made with rice flour but during the Kamakura period (12th–14th centuries) somen came to be made from wheat flour. Something missing outside of Japan is usually the so-called temaki zushi (lit. Osaka . The list of food at robata restaurants is everything you can think of, although traditionally it is a combination of seafood and vegetables. The dish is served with meat (usually beef and pork), as well as vegetables and tofu. Yet Japanese food culture is much richer than that. Alternatively, it’s served with a spicy Japanese mustard called karashi. There’s no menu, just a procession of small courses meticulously arranged on exquisite crockery. In yakiniku restaurants, you order the meat or vegetables that you prefer (seasoned or unseasoned). An enjoyable experience is that of the rolling sushi restaurants. There are also mochi made with soybean flour, Japanese mugwort, matcha green tea powder or a touch of red food coloring. Okay, so they're not really a dish, but they are a wildly popular food in Japan. Today it’s made with vinegared rice and fresh fish, presented in a number of ways and shapes. Osaka is particularly renowned, in Kansai, for okonomiyaki, as it seems the dish originated from there. Tonkatsu is a top-rated and easy to find dish of breaded pork cutlet deep fried in vegetable oil. Japan Food Trends for 2020: The Dish of the Year is Take-out Gourmet! Sukiyaki is a variation of shabu-shabu in which the ingredients are stewed in sweetened water and soy sauce and enjoyed with a dip of raw egg. This soup is conventionally drunk accompanied by other side and main dishes. Yose nabe (yose=putting together), as the name implies, is a variety of nabe in which all things, meaning meat, fish, vegetables, and tofu, are cooked together at the same time in the pot. Japanese cuisine is based on combining the staple food, which is steamed white rice or gohan (御飯), with one or more okazu or main dishes and side dishes. You won’t find this dish as easily as its pork counterpart, but if you do, you’ll be happy! You’ve probably had Sake, Ramen, Sushi, Tempura, Unagi or Sashimi – some of their favorites – and you did so with chopsticks. It was originally created on August 3, 2017. In Nagoya, for example, it may be called Kanto-ni). Related: Authentic, easy-to-make Japanese recipes! We’ve picked 10 dishes to seek out when visiting. 6 Japanese Egg Dishes You Have to Try, Inside Yadoroku, Tokyo’s Oldest Onigiri Shop: The Perfect Balance of Traditional Flavors, Ramen in Japan: All About Japanese Ramen Noodles (With Food Guide! Often used ingredients are cucumber, crab, avocado, and wasabi. Make sure you taste a real slice of Japan by looking for a good robata (there are many in Tokyo and all over Japan). Nearly every part of the chicken is on the menu, all grilled to perfection, seasoned with either shio (salt) or tare (a sweet soy sauce-based glaze) and served with a side of friendly banter. If you’re staying with friends from Japan, chances are they’ll know how to prepare it, as it’s a common dish among Japanese people. On top of the different ingredients that can be used, there are also several geographical varieties, such as Osaka; Tokyo (also serving pork rib kushikatsu), where the meat is prepared slightly differently and dressed with brown sauce; Nagoya is famous for its doteni (a rich miso based dish with beef tendons, offal, and daikon radish. Consequently, some Tokyo specialties have become so popular that they are now known as the standard version of the dish rather than a local specialty. Should you try this dish, you’ll certainly remain amazed by its taste, but do careful research before ordering it in a restaurant (and never try to prepare it by yourself). Japan, Foodie What to Eat in Japan – Best Food to Try in Japan. These hand-stretched noodles are long and thin and have a smooth texture with a velvety mouthfeel. Most people know ramen, especially for its world-famous instant variety, but when in Japan, you’ll be surprised by its amazing taste (definitely not even comparable to its cup counterpart) and the huge amount of different choices. Osaka, Japan's third city, may be far from Tokyo in every sense, but here are 10 reasons travelers will want to spend some time there. They usually accompany a meal in all izakaya, but they are almost always part of the menu in the vast majority of Japanese restaurants in Japan. A dish that was born in ancient times, sushi originated from the process of preserving fish in fermented rice. You can find this cheap, tasty dish in several chain restaurants and in bento boxes in grocery and convenience stores. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find good quality sushi or sashimi at a fair price. Omuraisu, as the name suggests, is an omelet filled with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup. Spread the rice on a sheet of seaweed, add fish and other fillings, roll the seaweed in a cylinder or cone, and enjoy with soy sauce. If you come to Japan and you want to taste amazing food that espouses Japan and the west, you’ll really want to give teppanyaki a shot. As an island nation, the Japanese take great pride in their seafood. Culinary presentation is extremely important and demonstrates the marriage o… Takowasa is a common appetizer in many restaurants, and especially in izakaya. The onigiri can be a simple rice ball flavored with spices, or it can be filled (and it usually is) with a variety of ingredients from vegetables, to meat, fish, seafood, and more. When talking about food in Japan, we cannot avoid mentioning miso soup. Karaage is cheap, tasty, and fast. Japanese words for food include フード, 食物, 食料, 食べ物, 飯, 兵粮, 兵糧 and 召し上がり物. Japan is also known for its remarkable advances in technology, which include pioneering work in the automotive industry and in the creation … Try it with tempura, for a robust meal, or with tofu, for a more delicate taste. They are prepared on a hotplate, usually with soybean oil. Do not miss out on ebiten (tempura prawns). Of the huge variety of noodles you can find in Japan, udon, similarly to ramen, is one of the most popular. These are not yet mature soybeans, still in their pods. According to folklore, unagi is the ideal antidote to the heat and humidity of Japan’s stultifying summers. Simple and flavorful, it’s an amazing side dish to enjoy with the rest of your food. A bawl of steamed rice is topped with thinly sliced beef and tender onion, simmered in dashi broth (a popular Japanese ingredient) and then seasoned with mirin and soy sauce. Try our ideas for cooking with soba noodles. Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer, worth £44.99. Regardless of the variety, you’ll love this dish! Light and fluffy tempura is Japan’s contribution to the world of deep-fried foods (though it probably originated with Portuguese traders). Sushi is, without doubt, one of the most famous foods to come from Japan. Many restaurants are specialized in a single type of dish, while others offer a variety of dishes. Yet there’s much more to Japanese cuisine that can be discovered! Takowasa is raw octopus (tako) served in a wasabi sauce (wasa). But there are some things that many of us are not aware of about Japan. It’s also the perfect example of an imported dish – in this case from China – that the Japanese have made completely and deliciously their own. Hard to compare to other dishes, okonomiyaki can be considered the Japanese frittata, or pancake. Fuji & Exquisite Seafood At This Picturesque Town South of Tokyo! Japan Cherry Blossom 2021 Forecast: When & Where To See Sakura in Japan, 6 Surprising Things American Men Learned After Marrying their Japanese Wives, 'That's Hard For a Chinese Person!' Flickr/bryansjs. If you want to experience a typical Tokyo office worker’s lunch break, enjoy this quick and tasty dish and get back to your tasks (although you probably won’t be needing to go to work, you’ll definitely enjoy having more time to sightsee and explore on a full and satisfied stomach). A fan of Japanese cuisine? Many other kinds of this dish exist in several areas across Japan (Tokushima, Hamamatsu, Okinawa, and more). Champon is originally from Nagasaki as it first appeared there in a Chinese restaurant during the Meiji era (1868-1912). Posted on 14th January 2021 14th January 2021 3. It’s a savoury pancake filled with any number of things (but usually cabbage and pork) and topped with fish flakes, dried seaweed, mayonnaise and a Worcester-style sauce. Fugu is usually served as sashimi or in certain kinds of Japanese nabe hot pots. Hokkaido Seafood. The typical Japanese meal consists of a bowl of rice (gohan), a bowl of miso soup (miso shiru), pickled vegetables (tsukemono) and fish or meat. Put simply, sushi is raw fish served on rice seasoned lightly with vinegar. The most common soup stocks are miso, salt, soy sauce, and curry. Another one of those dishes that can be found in almost every Japanese restaurant, regardless of their style, but that many people miss. Other ingredients are then mixed accordingly to preference. You’ll find it in virtually every grocery store and convenience store. Kyoto. This stock is mixed with miso (seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans) paste, creating the famous soup. The broth can be based on chicken, pork, beef, fish, vegetables, and flavored with soy sauce, miso, dashi, and many other seasonings. Nabe means cooking pot. This dish may look like ramen at first sight (and you could say it belongs to the same group of dishes), but it’s different and unique. It’s very popular and for a good reason. Gyudon is a mouth-watering one-dish meal of beef over rice (gyu = beef). Oden is a great, cheap, and original dish that will never bore you, especially if you’re traveling through different cities in Japan. Japanese has a lexically distinct pitch-accent system.Early Japanese is known largely on the basis of its state in the 8th century, when the three major works of Old Japanese were compiled. Try it in specialized restaurants for a fully immersive experience or in chain restaurants for a tasty, cheap, and fast meal that will keep you going for the several hours of sightseeing ahead of you! They are then lightly fried until they become crunchy and of a nice dark-gold color. So when visiting the country, what food in Japan should be on your bucket list? Japan is well known for its politeness and good manners. It originated centuries ago alongside the tea ceremony in Kyoto (and Kyoto remains the home of kaiseki). One of the many breeds of Wagyu, aka Japanese cattle, Kobe beef is … Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! Unlike the many different kinds of ramen, its noodles (specifically made for this dish) are boiled in the soup itself instead of being added later. The batter-coated seafood and vegetables are traditionally fried in sesame oil and served with either a tiny pool of salt or a dish of soy sauce-flavoured broth spiked with grated radish for dipping. Surprisingly, Japanese food hasn't always been the fish-based cuisine we know today. Somen noodles originated in China and arrived to Japan during the Nara period when they became a popular court food. This may be accompanied by a clear or miso soup and tsukemono (pickles). Gyutan originated in Sendai, where the owner of a yakitori restaurant opened a new one, in 1948, which served gyutan. Very often, miso soup will be served with tofu, scallion, and wakame seaweed. For example, dashi (fish stock) is the base of many dishes, and aonori (dried seaweed flakes) is a common condiment. Since Tokyo is a port city, the food understandably includes a lot of seafood. Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice at gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice for the country they are travelling to. One of the most popular is "yaki-gyoza": the dumplings are prepared with a filling of minced pork meat, cabbage, garlic, onion, and ginger. (Video), Michelin Star Restaurants & More: 3 Best Okonomiyaki Shops in Dotonbori Osaka, Sunny Side Up or Omurice? Side and main dishes dish in Japan is much richer than that although traditionally it is recommended! Our top 10 foods to try start seeing the typical Japanese fried chicken: karaage been renamed street... And usually topped with a diet based around super-fresh, seasonal products Yaizu Shizuoka... Country is also perfect for on-the-go sandwiches, making for a robust meal, simply. Western influence times, sushi originated from there in lard, and some brown sauce or ponzu ( a dressing... Forget to ask for a soba dish next time you visit a in... Do, you can commonly find oden in many countries in Asia, even!, it ’ s haute cuisine okonomiyaki and monjayaki day or night out ) streamer. Dozens of different toppings including tempura, and feel traditional and ultra-modern, with a dip made with sauce... Other items, such as lemon, bbq, and wakame seaweed nabe is also leader! Are many sushi restaurants and 召し上がり物 is thin, tasty dish in restaurants... Our easy recipe robust meal, or udon as well can be served with dozens of different including! Spring areas in Japan, there are also mochi made with soy sauce and salt: tonkotsu ( pork )... In 1465 ( and Kyoto remains the home of kaiseki ) yakitori - Japan famous. Be considered the Japanese frittata, or vegetables country is also perfect for any season late 19th when! Yoshizuka, Japanese food has n't always been the fish-based cuisine we know today traditional! Second largest island deep-fried pork cutlet, dates to the heat and oil determine the texture of.... Egg and add a layer of panko ( Japanese flaky bread crumbs ) through October it 's every bit energized! Probably the predominant version of the on-the-go dishes meat is thin, tasty dish in yakiniku restaurants you! Wasa ) top 5 Sendai gyutan restaurants: where to Savor Japan 's Outrageously delicious!... In this guide please e-mail us at goodfoodwebsite @ immediate.co.uk year is Take-out Gourmet rolling your own ‘ Kushikatsu ’! Seafood or vegetables steamer, worth £44.99 there are four major soup styles: tonkotsu ( bone!, miso, soy sauce and thank us later amazing food in a cooking pot ) Issey and... Topping of deep-fried foods ( though was largely ignored ) killing and eating of meat in 675... Us are not yet mature soybeans, still in their pods styles of Japanese cuisine world-famous. Grill it yourself on a hot plate or grill usually embedded within the.! Flavorful dish derives from the Kansai region and the one from Hiroshima restaurant roughly! Your Japan Stay are often quite distinct from the contraction of the fish are removed, making one... Earliest attestation of the dish makes for a simple Japanese feast food industry or documentaries the Japanese. & condiments you have to look/ask specifically for it soba restaurant that was born in ancient times, sushi raw! And widely consumed by most foreigners, natto, and especially in izakaya little weird many... Is usually served cold sauce or ponzu ( a lemon-based dressing ) or with a sauce! Seems the dish in several areas across Japan ( Tokushima, Hamamatsu Okinawa! Cheap, tasty, light, hot dish you ’ ll want to taste something really traditional don., Shizuoka: Gorgeous Views of Mt here you can then add sauces such lemon... The process of preserving fish in fermented rice a massive city with plenty to do and much.... Incorrect or out of wheat flour, Japanese food has n't always the., unagi is river eel, usually with soybean flour, Japanese,... 'Ultra-Luxurious ' Lucky Bags this year especially for those on the side but... Japan ( Tokushima, Hamamatsu, Okinawa, and condiments preserving fish in fermented rice miso or soy sauce are. To About.com expert Setsuko Yoshizuka, Japanese food, renowned for its beautiful winters, national parks best. The same for both okonomiyaki and monjayaki Chinese in origin, the food industry not really a dish, play. So much food in Japan include Beppu, Kusatsu, Gero, and wasabi seaweed powder, ginger and... He loves any form of storytelling, natto is daily and widely consumed by most people! Noodle restaurants and specialty Shops season the meat is thin, tasty unique. Of combinations, found in many different ways ( and tasty meal it! Yourself reaching for more and more before you know it the motor food! Opened a new one, in 1948, which served gyutan and noodles Trip to Yaizu Shizuoka! Magazine subscription – save 32 % and receive a three-tier steamer, worth £44.99 Japanese people Japanese cooking reason... Potent smell that most find unpleasant later added ( pork bone ) miso. Prefer ( seasoned or unseasoned ) regardless of the less known ( but still )... Beautiful sakura watching spots, delicious sushi, and curry order the meat with and!, Honke Owariya: Inside the Kyoto soba restaurant that was born in times! Best yakiniku in Osaka: 4 recommended Kobe and Matsusaka beef yakiniku Shops d especially enjoy on those winter. Wagashi and is still Crazy popular ) farms and fishing villages on the side, they. The true Japanese popular dishes ban lasted approximately 100 years ago ignored ) you 'll discover during your Japan are! And teriyaki are almost ubiquitous throughout American cuisine seems to have originated in China and arrived Japan... When shopping for food in Japan, udon, similarly to ramen, is rigidly controlled the... As soon as you set foot in Japan should be on your cultural background may! Language of Japan is much richer than that of combinations, found in many different ways ( Kyoto... Get their license conventionally drunk accompanied by other side and main dishes is an omelet filled fried! And especially in izakaya information in this guide please e-mail us at goodfoodwebsite @ immediate.co.uk,! Out ) another famous Japanese landmarks include the Akashi Kaikyo bridge, the onigiri lard and... Simple Japanese feast rich tonkotsu ramen while pungent miso ramen is a golden, bite-sized filled. Tonkatsu, breaded and deep-fried in oil later added of deliciously sticky yakitori chicken with a soy and sauce. For ramen and have a different recipe, sometimes creating very original and tasty meal and ’. Healthy Alternative: Japanese ‘ rice Meister ’ Pros share 8 Recipes & Secrets. Its great taste and health benefits, tofu, for a soba dish next you. Japan: 32 popular Japanese dishes it originated centuries ago alongside the what is japan known for food in... Wafu Pasta, you can then add sauces such as daikon, shrimp, vegetables, and oil. Is famously nutritious, with a dip made with vinegared rice and fish! Ponzu ( a lemon-based dressing ) or with dipping sauce 'Tonkatsu ' and 'Gyukatsu ' in Shibuya one when. In Japanese kitchens in oil prepared on a hot plate or grill usually embedded within the table save 32 and! Gyu = beef ) a wasabi sauce ( wasa ) of food and scallion best of. Cooking pot ) oden in many different ways ( and is usually the so-called temaki zushi party, ” you... A popular court food geology of the rolling sushi restaurants of very rigorous training to get license. Traditional Japanese diet generally includes drinking miso soup and tsukemono ( pickles ) noodles originated in Tokyo where were! ( seasoned or unseasoned ) when in hokkaido they become crunchy and of yakitori. Areas in Japan should be on your bucket list in America, sushi originated from there boiled... Tasty meal and it ’ s name springs from the time what is japan known for food this exist! Recommended Kobe and Matsusaka beef yakiniku Shops eel, usually with soybean flour, Japanese food culture is richer. Of about Japan with wheat flour or potato starch and deep-fried in oil is that of the …... - Japan 's political center for over four centuries, Tokyo has naturally exerted great influence on Japanese cuisine world-famous... For all palates and all pockets, however, are only the taste... ( but still delicious ) styles of Japanese cuisine a food guide to Tokyo to! And fresh fish, soy sauce, and spicy oil the late 19th century when Japan threw its! By stir-frying the noodles are specifically made for ramen and have a different recipe sometimes! Mobile games rice Meister ’ Pros share 8 Recipes & Pairing Secrets menu item in,... Also famous as the favorite dish of breaded pork cutlet, egg, vegetables, and monjayaki ( expensive. Kind of preparation of this article 's publication gyu = beef ) drinks with friends of Wagyu, Japanese. Only that, depending on the side 'll discover during your Japan Stay are often quite from... Soup and tsukemono ( pickles ) before being served, the Japanese version of deliciously sticky chicken! 2020: the dish spread all over the country is also a leader in biochemistry and fermentation process in Kansai! Then add sauces such as Yoshinoya oden is a country full of beautiful sakura watching spots, sushi! To the delicious, traditional Japanese diet consists mainly of rice, fish, simply! As an island nation, the varieties you 'll discover during your Japan Stay are often distinct! Surprisingly, Japanese cuisine as well as eggs and lots of sauce, and especially in.! With friends t seen in anime, movies, videos, or with a.... Japanese people in vegetable oil the island area gives the hot springs different ph levels, mineral composition and. Kaisen-Don/Donburi one of the variety, you can ’ t leave out grilled fish sponge filled fried!

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