why did ben kill jacob

As for life after “Lost,” what’s in store for him? Once your eyes scan that headline, it's spoiled, even if you weren't looking for the information. There was nothing written that isn't already traveling through space about 5 light years past the moon! Hmm…  Are Jacob and a character some fans call “Loophole Guy” light and dark forces from ancient Mesopotamia playing some cosmic contest with human lives on the island? news ‘Why did they kill him?’: Ben Madex’s sister issues plea after Drouin police shooting. His killing of Jacob was pretty understandable, given that he felt Jacob was responsible for not preventing his daughter's death After killing Jacob and learning all about Nemesis he still seeks to try turn the situation to his advantage. Because the film is half a century old. Just because we don't watch Lost right when it airs doesn't mean we're not true fans. I mean sure, Ben isn't a saint, but what he did wasn't because he wanted to do it, it was because he thought that's what was best. Jacob, prefers Locke to him. I'm a little behind on my LOST viewing so I haven't seen the finale either – but personally I'm not too bothered by plot spoilers, but can understand that others prefer a little mystery. If someone were to write a review of a new law-thriller and in it include the twist-ending of Hitchcock's "Witness for the Prosecution," no one would think anything of it. Ahhh that's horrible, I didn't even notice that! According to the logic, everyone seeing the episode when it first aired cannot discuss it out loud or must use encryption so they don't ruin it for someone who hasn't seen it yet and may overhear such a conversation. Too bad for those who hadn't watched the show. I've watched LOST since it's pilot aired and it pulled me in hard and quick. You go Zork!! Wonder if that has anything to do with the plot? However, no one would say to someone who's about to watch it, "Mufasa dies by an antelope herd". Not everyone has the option (because of prohibitive bandwidth costs or other reasons) to download episodes. Jacob believed in the light, kindness, and love and that humans always had a choice in what they did. That sucks. Andy had always suspected Patz, and after the police get the note confirmed to be that of Patz, Jacob is acquitted. This is Jonathan's problem. At first, angry at Gilligan for doing another one of his stupid stunts, the castaways are then grateful when the United States Coast Guard spots the smoke and rescues them. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. I had no idea where it would lead. and eventually, they blow up the hatch! Maybe? Now that the explosive and coronary heart wrenching eighth episode has aired, we’ve the solutions… a … Ben has given up 35 years of his life serving him, only to be supplanted as the favorite by Locke. It's your fault. Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained: How Does Abby Solve The Kidnapping Case. They said in the first few sentences, "If you don't want to know about this plot line for next season stop reading now." But Ben’s mother Joan was struggling to cope. And yes, he does have eyelashes (I lost that bet with my camera guy Rick). Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. The Defending Jacob ending does not unveil whether Jacob did kill Ben. The finale should be very interesting indeed.... Man! Benjamin was not part of the conspiracy concocted by his ten older brothers to kill their brother Joseph. That is the problem. Why you would wait months to watch the show and still read articles about it is beyond me. CNN owes Jonathan nothing. Thanks for posting this, and I might add that I did exactly the SAME thing last week, re-watched the pilot and the very same moment with Walt and John was certainly seen in a new light by me as well. Their car incident is deemed as an accident and Laurie is also hurt gravely. Andy comes to know from Lynn Canavan that some eyewitnesses had seen an old blue Lincoln car outside Leonard’s home the night he had died. Jonathan's dilemma is one that many people, unfortunately, have developed in these recent years: they feel that a television episode has been written and displayed entirely for them. Because spoilers are uncool, guy. Watch it on TV with the normal people next season. I even sat through the 'beat everybody to a pulp' episodes because I thought they were moving the story forward. It hasn't been mentioned in a LONG time! And despite Jacob’s insistence that he didn’t kill Ben, Laurie confesses that she doesn’t believe him, and it’s eating her up that she’ll never know the truth. And is Jacob alive? I don't know any more than the viewers of the show know at this moment. Twenty - or even just nine - years ago, if one missed something, a season-finale say, then one was out of luck. Jonathan, Folks having fun at Johnathon's expense or at the expense of teasing about other spoilers: Stop it. “I wonder. And no, I don't plan on shelling out $712 for the dvd series. Jacob, in the book, dies. John told him he was going to do it! Two sides. They added 57 more characters, 4,366 flashbacks and flash-aheads that you couldn't keep up with it, even if you were in Mensa. Approaching television in this way is very interesting (it's how I caught up with "How I Met Your Mother"); however, it is not how television is *intended*. I am fortunate enough that I was able to watch it, but here are two things to bear in mind before jumping all over poor Jonathan: Not all countries get Lost in a timely manner. It is not a "spoiler" once the item in question (TV show, movie, book, etc,) has been released to the public. The headline linked here seemed like an interview with Emerson talking about the upcoming series finale. Jacob refuses again and again. Zork, you're an idiot. Maybe they felt they deserved punishment for their indifference to Shechem’s crime. For the ignorant, a 'spoiler' is *ANYTHING* that reveals a key piece of information. I hope they tell you why they kidnapped the children from the plane crash in season one and what they did with everyone they kidnapped – I think there were some adults "taken" also, but why the kids? Example – I was never into Lost until Season Five – I was home sick for a week from work and friend lent me the first season on DVD and I spent several weeks curled up on the couch with my wife watching and getting hooked on the show. The found a cabin and when John was inside, a voice said "help me..!". I agree – the so called after the fact spoiler was not in the title – the title was "Lost star wants to know what's going on" and you have to click on the article in order to get to a page with spoilers. If you have nothing but time, you can go to ABC.go.com and selectively watch any or all episodes of LOST from Season One through Five for free at least for now. Hey Jonathon!! Jacob was trying to provoke Ben into killing him, possibly in hopes he would resist the temptation. I hope FlashForward, with Dom, lives up to the hype. BTW...In Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze, In Sixth Sense Bruce Willis' character is dead the while time, and in Seven Gwenyth Paltrow's head is in the box. The last episode of Defending Jacob starts with the Assistant District Attorney and Jacob’s father Andy Barber getting a phone call from their family lawyer, Joanna Klein, that Leonard Patz had left a note moments before he had committed suicide. And I agree it's not cool. Andy sits in Jacob’s room quietly as the show ends. For example over at EW.com they have an article about Charlie next season. Get over yourself. I read this article, and wasn't too mad because I still don't know what happens up til then or what it even really means for the show. Lets kill Jonathan! Here's another – In Fight Club, Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are two personalities of the same guy. That means whether he chose to read the article or not, he was at definite risk of seeing something he didn't want to see through no fault of his own. When Gilligan and the castaways (The original Lost) awaken one morning , they realize that the hut they were has been swept off the island by a tidal wave and the hut is now a makeshift raft. That final episode aired on May 13th! After the show has aired, again, it is only one week in which people should keep mum over the plot points of the episode. Will. They use clothes and make a sail, and try to make their way to land. Jacob Blake was named by Wisconsin’s governor as the man who was shot and seriously wounded by a Kenosha police officer at close range in a graphic scene that … Look at the word: spoilers - it will spoil the show for you (note, for "you," the singular). I wasted way too many nights on LOST. A change of pace. MCW, thanks for making me laugh out loud while Im supposed to be working! Laurie drives in full speed, crashing the car into a tunnel wall, possibly killing them both. Jonathan, In whichever episode that Ben kills Jacob, Ben tells Jacob about all he did - all he sacrificed for the sake of the island. Jacob was so mean,” Emerson says, “Ben was looking for a father.” And then of course there was “Jacob’s” agonizingly vague answer to “Ben’s” question, “What about you?”, “What kind of answer is that?” I asked. Every bit of the storyline is what you call a 'throwaway,' some mystery that you never have to explain(like a sonic screwdriver) because the characters were all killed in a plane crash in the first episode, just as we all thought by the third episode. Agreed. This Lincoln car is similar to the one Father O’Leary drives. Hey Jonathan: That's older than Jesus Christ.”, Locke: [nods] “But theirs weren't made of plastic. It is not the fault of this article for "spoiling" anything. Laurie gets distant from Andy and Jacob and goes to Rifkin's' to confess about Jacob. I have to agree with Jeff and Jamie. "Jonathan", once an episode has aired, information about it is no longer considered a spoiler. Kaizer Soze is the gimp. If they had such cryptic clues in the very first episode of this show, that makes me wonder what they would have done if the show was cancelled after four weeks! ALSO READ | Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained: How Does Abby Solve The Kidnapping Case? Jacob, I believe, is the "Christ-like" figure who has visited the characters at various stages in their lives and tries to offer them comfort. Why didn't Jacob try to protect himself when Ben stabbed him? SPOILER, the Allies won WW II, hopefully I didn't ruin that history book you've been meaning to read all these years. Many folks prefer watching it on DVD as a marathon experience without commercials and of a higher picture quality. Not that it's in the article. Arrrghh! Unfortunately titled, but get your head out of your bum. HELLO PEOPLE!!! I'm not dead. Wrong enough to have to kill a 14 year old kid? But when he asks Jacob why he ignored him, and didn't reward him or even acknowledge him, Jacob just shrugs. Your fault if you wait months later to view. It's not even a surprise. Jimmy, Jonathan, as has been mentioned before it's only a "spoiler" if it comes before the show has been aired. I'm a filmmaker and I would hate anything I did to be ruined for someone by someone else blurting out endings/surprises without need. There must, however, also be a social sensitivity toward the new technology that changes the way in which people view the show. Five thousand years old. The fact that someone wishes to bypass this is, in a way, simply playing into its very nature: upping the anticipation and waiting before enjoying. You can't possibly expect every media outlet to keep the show's plot and story secret until you feel like watching it. You can watch the complete episodes on Fox...so, why haven't you seen it yet...? They quickly part however, to try and return to life as they knew it before the shipwreck. Andy sits in Jacob’s room quietly as the show ends. Father O’Leary, the henchman, was asked to protect the family by Andy’s father and convicted murderer Billy. "Jonathan" If you were a true lost fan, you would know better than to read ANYTHING about it online, anything said is a spoiler when you haven't seen it. Aww!!! Jonathan, you have to know that by waiting six months after a season ends to begin watching it, you'll eventually hear something about the season along the way. The writers insist that this isn't so, and give us 200-year-old orangutangs who drink Sprite and polar bears with corporate logos; I say they are lying and this show jumped a dharma-logoed shark a long time ago. Spoiler, schmoiler. Well, in defense of Jonathan – it was in the headline of the article, so it's not like he could have avoided reading it (especially since the leading link from cnn.com was a completely different headline "'Lost' star wants to know what's going on").

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