owning an electric car in ireland

The Hyundai IONIQ allows the buyer to have more freedom of choice dependant on their lifestyle and driving habits – how often you drive, how far you drive and how you drive. A rough estimate of what a car might cost to buy and own. Another great aspect of the EV is that it is incredibly quiet but holds fast acceleration. My Tesla costs about 2 cents per mile to drive. My gas cars cost between 10 cents and 25 cents per mile, depending on the gas mileage and the current price of gas. But there are lots of differences in how they run, what they cost, and their impact on the environment. Unit 11C Mullaghboy Industrial Estate Navan Co Meath Eircode C15XFX7. Our electric vehicle grants make it more affordable to switch to an EV. It also drops in cold weather, for several reasons – the battery performs less efficiently in the cold, and you have to use more energy to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature. An electric vehicle revolution is on the way and is on the cusp of becoming mainstream. You might also still be attached to the stigma of EV’s being highly expensive however the price has rapidly dropped over the years by 70% and the range is continuously increasing. Check out the IEVOA website for more information on owning an electric vehicle in Ireland. A fast charge takes approximately 30 minutes and a full charge can take several hours. Home; Grants; Electric Vehicle Grants; Electric Vehicle Grants . The car I purchased, The Renault Zoe was great, but sadly after two months of ownership I ended up having to swap the car for a conventional vehicle as the obstacles that encountered in Northern Ireland / ROI in relation driving an Electric Vehicle primarily in the Newry area, were for me too great to overcome. Vehicles imported to Ireland from outside the State (including Northern Ireland) must go through the National Car Test (NCT) once the vehicle is 4 years old or more. With no CO2 emissions or other harmful tailpipe gases, they benefit from the lowest road tax of €120 per annum. It has already sold out for the 192-registration period, and it is quickly becoming one of the most-searched new electric cars on Carzone alongside the Hyundai Kona Electric, … The lifetime cost of an electric vehicle is now similar to an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle. But there are some things that flat-dwellers can do to make owning an electric vehicle (EV) practical. In 2018, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport released a grant meaning EV drivers in Ireland can benefit from up to €5,000* VRT relief, €5,000 SEAI grant and also qualify for the lowest band of road tax which is €120 per annum. Click here to find out more about the Hyundai Ioniq. With rising tides and the dramatic effects of climate change coercing many of us to question our motoring habits. No problem getting appointment to suit. Find an electric vehicle for sale near you . Since May 2018, if you import a vehicle from another EU member state and the vehicle has a current EU Roadworthiness Certificate, you can have the time remaining on the certificate recognised in Ireland. Explainer: Everything you need to know about owning an electric car in Ireland In several ways, the Climate Action Plan raises as many questions as solutions for motorists. An electric car is at its essence just two large components: a battery and motor. What’s the cost of owning a car in Ireland? Explainer: Everything you need to know about owning an electric car in Ireland June 19, 2019 In several ways, the Climate Action Plan raises as many questions as solutions for motorists. The cost of running an average car is now €10,671, according to the latest AA survey of motoring costs in Ireland. They are also very well protected from impact and environmental conditions. The motor industry is on the road to making solely electrified vehicles by the year 2050. Mercedes-Benz is about to take the EV market by storm in 2019 with their first electric production car. The car is scheduled to land here in Ireland in mid 2019. Now that we know the different types of Electric Vehicles, we can learn about the incentives of owning an EV in Ireland. When using Toll Bridges around Ireland, there is a 50% discount for BEV’s and on some tolls there is a 25% discount for PHEV’s. Electric cars look almost the exact same on the outside as petrol or diesel cars. A relaxing and enjoyable driving experience. ou know the general gist – they’re good for the environment and help with fuel economy and climate change. There might also be some parking privileges as some parking authorities offer free parking to EV owners or even parking at a reduced cost. EV’s run on automatic transmission which makes them exceptionally easy to drive especially if you reside in a city/town environment with a lot of stop and go driving. They are like automatic transmission vehicles. efficiency. With rising tides and the dramatic effects of climate change coercing many of us to question our motoring habits. Click here to learn more about the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz electric range. SEAI grants are helping homeowners, business owners, communities, Happy days, owners of new electric vehicles registered before December 2021 are eligible for VRT relief up to €5,000. When you need to overtake or accelerate you will find EV's are very responsive. For many drivers, just knowing that they’re doing their part to save the planet will be reason enough to take the leap into an EV. Battery-powered family cars are cheaper to own and run than petrol and diesel equivalents, according to a study.It found that common mid-size electric cars could be £131 a … The Zoe is actually the most affordable electric car in Ireland right now, and yet comes with a battery big enough to give it a decent range. Check out our map where you can search for a dealer by county or car make. It is certainly not uncommon to see a BEV owner or a PHEV owner installing wind or solar electricity generators in their own home to charge their cars using their own renewable energy! The Hyundai KONA EV topped the sales of EV’s in January 2019 and the interest in the switch over is increasing by the day in Ireland. Owning an Electric Car in Ireland: In several ways, the Climate Action Plan raises as many questions as solutions for motorists. But what are the real benefits of switching to an electric vehicle and why are they becoming increasingly popular? The edgy, stylish Hyundai Ioniq is available in three electrified or semi-electrified forms; a regular Hybrid, a full Electric or a Plug In Electric Hybrid. The car looked brand new when it was returned to me”. Browse the entire range of grant eligible electric cars available in Ireland. Kia's e-Niro is one of the most anticipated electric cars to launch to the Irish market this year. There is less brake pad wear on an EV because the motor slows the vehicle before friction braking is needed. Electric vehicles are extremely quiet and comfortable to drive. It used to be that if you wanted an all-electric car, you had to take out a loan on an arm and a leg just to have the chance to look at someone who was thinking about taking a test drive in a Tesla. Watch one of our Hyundai Experts Brian Doolans information video on the Hyundai Ioniq below. change the way your community thinks about energy. Costs will vary significantly depending on what kind of car you’re looking to buy - used or new, make and model, etc. “I have always got an excellent service in Fitzpatrick's Garage. Chief among these is the Government's Plug-In Car Grant (PICG). “I've been dealing with this garage since 1967 and standards have never dropped”. An electric vehicle revolution is on the way and is on the cusp of becoming mainstream. This alerts pedestrians to their presence. “I am a customer of Fitzpatrick's since 1955, throughout my 60 years of dealing with Fitzpatrick's, I have been a valued customer who receives first class attention at all times”. Hear about our work with schools or get latest updates on our energy research and statistics. Fitzpatricks Garage Covid 19 Update - We are Open, 201 Open Weekend Sat 23rd and Sun 24th Nov, Mercedes Benz A Class Saloon Ambient Lighting, Fitzpatrick's Mercedes-Benz Under Construction, Midlands 103 Customer Service Awards Shortlist, Fitzpatricks Opel Carlow at The Tullow Show, All New GLC Range at Fitzpatricks Mercedes-Benz K, The CLA Coupe - Everything that makes you special, The All New Mercedes Benz GLE Has Arrived, Irish ExecutivePremium Car of The Year Award, Test Driving The 2018 Hyundai Kona Executive, A Guide To Owning An Electric Vehicle in Irela. Electric vehicle (EV) classifies three different types of vehicles – a battery operated electric vehicle (BEV), a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV). Privacy policy. The fuel cost to drive an electric car 100 miles is around £5-8, whereas in a diesel or petrol car it would cost you between £14 and £17.At Energy Saving Trust we frequently talk to people about making the switch, so for Fiona it’s useful to have some real life experience of owning an electric car. While it emits zero pollution upon use, it is also solely powered by electricity. The benefits of electric vehicles . This will be equivalent to one-third of the 2.8 million vehicles that are currently on the road in Ireland.

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