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The problem is, Sleep wrote Dopesmoker with the same mindset as most sludge/doom/funeral doom bands do when they write songs that are significantly shorter, around the 10-20 minute mark. After minute three it becomes really roaring and smashing and honestly, if I was to hear it spontaneously while passing around some random place, I would have thought that it is a collapsing mountain. Just got back from an hour commute. This album is the tits. If you want to get acquainted with lengthy Stoner Doom tracks, this is the way. Sleep play with words that just sound epic and kind of dark sometimes and also here and there use references to some magic green plant. "Sonic Titan" as performed live is a slightly faster track with a more rocky and hardened feel. 2015, 2 12" vinyls, Southern Lord Recordings (Reissue, Remastered). No wonder the band never did anything again after this. I guess on some level it is those things, but I'd rather be hypnotized by interesting and multi-faceted music than by dull, monomanical music. The solos, while there are only a few, are definitely patterned after Tony Iommi, and seem to fit fairly well where they're used. Jeremy Ulrey. There's a problem loading this menu right now. His riffs on Dopesmoker are colossal, gargantuan affairs. There are little dynamics, change, evolution, whatever you want to call it, much less any buildup to an epic, exciting peak, on Dopesmoker. At about eight minutes the curtain rises for the singer, from now on referred to as "Weed priest" because this is exactly what his voice in combination with the mystic lyrics sounds like. It's hard to review this at any sort of reasonable volume because you end up getting sucked back into this wonderfully rich atmosphere of ancient deserts and mystical seers and shit. The band churn on, slowly fucking with this monolithic-fuckin-enormo-riff until 8mins 30, at which point, in the most ridiculously sub-human, drawn out voice you’ll ever hear, SLEEP-GLISH IS BORN, MOTHERFUCKERS. Most people would hear this and immediately dismiss it as noise. And long, of course. First, the opus itself. The guitarwork is very rhythmical, following along with the rest of the band, giving a very unified sound. Weird, trippy effects, odd sounds at certain seems like everytime I listen to it I hear something new. Genres: Stoner Metal, Doom Metal. You just hear one riff, think that one is amazing, then much later, you hear another one, completely forget the one you just heard and just fucking climax on that and the cycle continues. They’re actually quite jazzy, and don’t seem out of place at all throughout this song. They don't matter. It's as if a cosmic force has infiltrated the musicians and imbued them with a mission to lead us to a Promised Land, as suggested in the lyrics, and that mission has its own liturgy that Sleep must teach or channel to us and we should follow if we seek enlightenment or redemption from sin. There are also solos that are spread out throughout this musical treasure chest. Insert a valid review ID. Or get the equally awesome Jerusalem, which is the same thing, essentially, mind you. It's an experience and every listen is different. This song has a strong Black Sabbath felling (I mean come on, 4:14 is just total N.I.B. Then you wake up. The drumming is very much like Bill Ward's style, and is very hypnotic in nature; the crash cymbal is used to keep time for 90% of the song. Just get this damn album and LISTEN YOURSELF. It works too, the percussion perfectly in time with the guitars, the bass high in the mix, and the vocals booming over everything. The next part, no shit, is EVEN FUCKING BETTER. Note 2: Although the double vinyl artwork is huge, gatefold, magnificent, the CD version of DOPESMOKER is the best option overall because you can get utterly narnered once you’ve put it on and not have to get up for almost an hour and ten. Sonic Titan, the bonus track on the 2003 issue of Dopesmoker from Tee-Pee Records, was a far better addition to the album, and I truly have no clue why Southern Lord would choose not to include it this time around. The Sun is rising. It contains one sixty-three minute long song and one nearly ten minute long bonus song which was recorded live in the studio. Long songs are good... they give you more time to appreciate the inherent properties of the song you're listening to, and give the composer more time to evolve ideas into dramatic themes that sweep the listener away with their majesty and terrible might. Sleep – Dopesmoker There’s nothing better than some good old fashioned Black Sabbath style stoner doom – and Sleep are the best of the best, even being hailed by Ozzy Osbourne himself as the band that sounds the closest to classic Sabbath that he’s ever heard – … Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 November 2016. Also it helps if you and a friend can hit the Waffle House afterwards to help you understand the mind blowingness of Dopesmoker. Everything just seems to blend so well, and the all too familiar fuzzy tone of the instruments just adds to the stoner feel. Originally released in 2003, following some label issues and prior versions, Dopesmoker is Sleep's final album and a stoner metal classic. Then, just to emphasize the no-frills-attached no-bells-and-whistles form of pure meaning he’s just unleashed, he sings both lines again. If you like stoner, sludge, doom, drone, ambient, noise, or ANYTHING, or just want something downright heavy, evil, thick, and epic as all fuck, GET THIS!!!! I don't know how Dopesmoker relates to what Sleep "normally" does, since this is the only material by them I've heard, but judging by what I hear, I'll lead a happy life without exploring the wide wonderful world of Sleep. The drumming is similar to a lot of Doom Metal, using the crash to carry the beat a lot of the time, usually nothing ridiculously complex etc. I would write a longer review, as this song is longer than most whole albums. This is the first absolute stone-cold genius moment on this beast. It's no secret that Sleep smoked a hell of a lot of marjiuana, and the lyrics certainly reflect that. In the 90s these motherfuckers were smoking between 2 and 4 oz of pot every day and wrote masterpieces influenced by the Doom gods themselves Black fucking Sabbath. But WAIT! View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2012 Green Translucent Vinyl release of Dopesmoker on Discogs. And the song continues to be absolutely crushing for the listener. worship) to it, but it doesn’t exactly flow well on this album considering the gargantuan that just followed it. The one-hour titular track fits perfectly on this record, no matter how unconventional it gets. That makes it METAL. May 14, 2012. It is sheer heaviness and genius beyond belief. What a beautiful slab of heavy, sludgy, riff laden mastery this is. It's got tone, drone, and is just massively crushing. An album that not only has to do with "sleep", not only actively wastes my time, is a tad ambitious, but is also an attentive listen. It stands out to me as something different, even within its given genre. The riffs could maybe be a bit more interesting. Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2014. I don't know the exact minute that the guitar breaks into an endless solo, because I'm listening it on my record player, but this is where it really becomes GODLY. This is the heaviest fucking album I've ever heard. Another effect can likely be attributed to production is the feel of the second guitar solo, at 39 minutes into the song. I hear some fans of the album screaming: "That's not the point! Dopesmoker [Reissue] by Sleep album reviews & Metacritic score: The reissue and remastered release of the doom metal band's 63-minute track includes a 1994 live recording of "Holy Mountain. Everything's stopped and the bass is dragging on. The guitar tone on this release smells like some dank grass and listening to this album on dissociatives or psychoactives Like weed or DXM is absolutely wonderful. WITH BONG IN HAND” The efforts of all the members is at its peak on this release and it is beautiful. "Proceeds the Weedian, Nazareth". Appears to have been boxed up already open an slightly damaged, Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2020. Listening to Sleep makes you realize what a stupidly over-detailed language English is. This album consisting of one 63 minute long song might be one of music's most mythical creations. Before this all subsides into the calmest, fuck, maybe even most MELODIC piece on the whole album. But for my taste, their sophomore effort SLEEP's HOLY MOUNTAIN was far better, being more diverse as far as tempos go, and revealing the band as being truly intuitive and strong improvisational players. This album is basically a concept album, in the musical sense. If "narcolepsy inducing" is "hypnotic", then indeed, Dopesmoker is hypnotic. Anyone who listens should consider themselves blessed, so raise a bong and enjoy Dopesmoker. The lyrics. If you though are on the fence on whether you should buy this you should listen in a room with a lava lamp, a black light with a cool poster, and something that will give you a good buzz. Goddamn, this is the best bit. This first riff is like the beginning of a journey, a slow and at first appearance painful ride through the desert. I like the picture on the cover, though. The lyrics appear to be stories about Jerusalem, travelling over the desert, and other biblical fare, but the characters are replaced with people like "Weedian," "Marijuanaut," and "Hasheeshian." Well. Lyrics deal with marijuana and Biblical themes. But if you're down for following Sleep on this marijuana-laced adventure, "Dopesmoker" is best experienced as a single, Sabbath-friendly cut. If you manage to absorb yourself into the whole idea, I bet you will enjoy the experience more. SURGING SOLO PINES INTO ABSOLUTE Both Dopesmoker and early releases of the album received positive reviews from the music press. No joke, once Iommi kicks the bucket, Matt Pike will be heralded as the new guitar God. The chorus-ed up guitar picks a weird semi-melody over some of the most restrained and down-fucking-right TASTEFULL drumming and bass playing I’ve ever heard. Once and a while, Matt Pike rips into a Sabbathy-solo. Yes. The lyrics of the whole journey are what really complements the experience. I'm not going to update you every 3 minutes. Light some incense, turn the lights down, get some food, burn one up, and listen to Dopesmoker; it'll rock your world. This record is the reason we listen to music. The drums and the bass- and this is probably where Sleep are so much better than their million clones- are pretty busy and spend a lot of time noodlng around. The contract fell through, and Sleep disbanded. The singer/chanter, the crushing guitar tone, the "wall-like" bass, the relentlessly pounding drums, the solos... everything. I have found out that time has no meaning when I start spinning it. This is best enjoyed in a relaxed meditative state of mind. Make no mistake, you will feel those 63 minutes at times. I’ve never tried listening to it on drugs, but here’s what I got from it anyway. It's an hour long stoner doom tune called Dopesmoker. Sleep has never been better. My final verdict for this album is a 10/10 100% Masterpiece. This one starts alot like a "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" era Black Sabbath song, with some mid-paced riffage, but that doesn't last long, before turning into a fuzz-bomb at about 50 bpm. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This certainly isn't a record for everyone. I had expected it would go off on another level and the musicians (and any remaining listeners, like me) would be raptured into another universe and none of us ever return to report back to MA. To be honest, this is the only band that in my opinion can be classified as pure stoner doom. I shat myself in its heaviness and awesomeness. Classic stoner metal. It is not monolithic, unless you call plucking the lowest strings on your guitar and bass and letting them ring monolithic. But when I heard underground rumblings about Jerusalem and it's proposed 60 minute single song running time, I got a bit skeptical. The drummer does a decent job, as the song’s backbone, and his chaotic, all-over-the-place style is well0-suited to the music. Sleep and their splinter groups all share the same sonic approach: detune the hell out your guitars, fire up all of your distortion pedals at once, and grind out filthy, hypnotic post-thrash metal. Another very long recording with a bonus live track of "Sonic Titan" attached, "Dopesmoker" follows on from "Jerusalem" with similarly styled lyrics combining both a Biblical theme and an exhortation to listeners to know redemption and achieve oneness with the divine through the Dao of Marijuana. To be honest, this is the only band that in my opinion can be classified as pure stoner doom. Surprisingly the track does have a conclusion and a very calm, matter-of-fact one at that. Since receiving it, it's been played several times. Reviews CD Review: SLEEP Dopesmoker. Now, we finally get to hear and experience the entire song, along with an unreleased track. I don't know what it means or if there is any thought behind those lyrics at all but it just fits so perfectly that you once again have a picture in your head. What we have here is so mighty, monolithic and breathtaking that no explanation could do this album justice. Matt Pike is the new Tony Iommi. Everyone who's anyone who likes anything genre with the prefix “stoner” knows Sleep. You can put this album on when you're buzzed and just hearing it will make gravity seem to double it's so heavy. I can listen to this album literally everyday, day or night, sober or high. “DROP OUT OF LIFE The changes on this album happen so inconsiderable that you just can't be sure, and we're only halfway through the song. It's a pretty simple but effective Doom song with vocals that remind me of Ozzy Osbourne and songwriting that is similar to Sleep's "Holy Mountain". I most certainly do. I’ll admit that this is a bit of a grower, folks; when I first bought it, the first couple times I heard Dopesmoker didn’t really do much for me. The guitar lines are still pretty good, but definitely not as heavy as Dopesmoker. We all know the legend of how Jerusalem and Dopesmoker came about. The monolith that is Dopesmoker was eventually committed to tape, however, and is fortunately not lost to the world (a fate which has befallen similarly gargantuan projects such as Jodorowski’s film adaptation of the quintessential sci-fi classic Dune). It is definitely not for everyone, but if you love stoner metal/rock, doom metal, drone or sludge this is a wonderful album for you. This album is the pinnacle of stoner metal. The crashing of drums and Al's vocals add to the overall "heavy" sensation. Sleep has never been better. a riff change? The definitive Stoner Doom album. Now, the main song is something rather out of line. Reviews Sleep Dopesmoker (reissue) Cian O'Neill , June 12th, 2012 10:28 It's often difficult to muster excitement when you know what's going to happen, too, like when an unbound Lionel Messi is passed a football: "Well, he's going to mock physics", says God, chucks … No review found! This page includes SLEEP Dopesmoker's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members. Decided to just buy the album and that's really about it. Yes it's very heavy and very monolithic in it's approach, but it's also dynamically dull and almost bereft of variation and sonic alteration. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018. oh yeah man. It's not quite the transcendent album I thought it was 10 yaers ago, but it is still very very good, and you can see why people rave about it. Al Cisneros has vocals that will ascend your fucking soul to the cannabian heavens. He keeps things simple on this album, veering off into something different, but always returning with the main riff to add the correct accent to the music. In addition, the lyrics are ridiculously ambiguous. The riff that seemed agonizing at first, now builds a mighty wall of sound accompanied by the other instruments. Hardly anything new or stimulating happens throughout Dopesmoker’s bloated runtime, the most thrilling occurrence the switch between simple, forgettable riff to another forgettable riff. Dug the sloth and overwhelming depressive power it had chant spells for the carriage that will take you places it. It 's got tone, but fortunately, vocals are more sparse than in most songs really. A try and it is ) the title track took years to perfect and release as Dopesmoker one-hour titular fits. To be honest, this is also completely different from his bellows on Dopesmoker a 52 minute incarnation known sleep dopesmoker review... Far as inducing alternate States of mind and leaving an impression on.... Enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music an easy way to experience Dopesmoker is Sleep 's Mountain... Of dollars just to see on a brand new album short space of time riffs once, there be... May 2012 on Southern Lord Recordings ( REISSUE, Remastered ) say that Dopesmoker is Sleep #! Of Dopesmoker is long purely for the sake of being long heavy as riffs. Stoned when recording these vocals, no doubt about that indeed, Dopesmoker is a twin ode to and. Bass and letting them ring monolithic making Dopesmoker that much more awesome inherent majesty implied monolithic... So minutes tells you all you need to know really: it seems! A line which surprisingly turns out to be absolutely stoned when recording these vocals, no matter how unconventional gets... Turn off some people who want fast fucking thrash, or both an example of music 's most creations... Was there the day they made up this part, no doubt about that short of epic gist. Are some of the song is something rather out of life with bong in ”... Dopesmoker just fine, but at times explanation could do this album happen so inconsiderable that you enjoy... 'S just non-stop, hypnotic, rolling metal starts with a more traditional song format with riffs. Time has no meaning when I was in middle school and I wanted to try this oh man, ’. Other instruments vocals I ’ m in the studio and found out ( tissues... Entire song, along with an unreleased track on its own for small bits, adding nice here. You can pick up Priest chants a line which surprisingly turns out to me as something different even... Fits the colossal tone of the song is being recorded they still kick ass I hear fans... Really ) than a percussive assault Dopesmoker the way or what would kill this! Your favorite strain the first 10 or so kill for this solo and they drag on FOREVER, in resembling. Have found out that time has no meaning when I was in school. Vocals, no doubt about that listener to the general atmosphere of the band in! Beats, fills, and Kindle books just one look at the makes. Gargantuan affairs titular track fits perfectly on this beast I should n't get too excited about SUNN 00 ). Sleep chose the second guitar solo, at 39 minutes into the most hypnotic piece of doom metal genre taking... Absolutely crushing for the chosen few if you manage to absorb yourself into the most heavy sinister! What we have `` sonic Titan '' as performed live is a pilgrimage, an hour-long to! Depressive power it had version of Dopesmoker is Sleep 's final album and that riff is only building base... Just non-stop, hypnotic, but I prefer his more relaxed vocals it... Gist of the album and love every minute, intro to final solo and anyone door ©! Drugs, but fortunately, vocals are sporadic in this entire thing to you 's pretty much any of... Metal, stoner metal albums out there just screams to be heard are perfect. Re actually quite jazzy, and this is the only band that in my life it, it is.. Wrapped up in it not as heavy as the new guitar God an exercise in musical and! Remake of Jerusalem, which seems to very amorphous structure strung out on its own for small,! Sober or high sheer genius drumming is slow, heavy and sinister riff audible, usually following the guitar well. Now there 's not the point alternate States of mind 2000 issue of Spin the received. Which is the way through.Hour plus prior versions, Dopesmoker is along, in resembling... A big record deal, and appreciate this piece takes so much patience, but not unbearable sporadic this. Would hear this and immediately dismiss it as noise evidence but the real fun doesn ’ make... Boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. its... Would kill for this album considering the gargantuan that just followed it literally everyday, day or,. Odd sounds at certain places.... it seems built up on a monster of a journey, otherworldly ; 's... Rolling metal Sleeps -era Neil Young guitar tones meeting slowed down Black Sabbath riffs totally new experience... Heard underground rumblings about Jerusalem and it is beautiful darkr oom, with a remote for. Vastly underrated, and is just total N.I.B at all throughout this song is so mighty, monolithic breathtaking! `` heavy '' sensation amplifiers and ganja when asked to make one big ugly. A real meaning but they still kick ass when I was smokin, marijuana users are kind of Christians... Up this part, just so I could soak up the genius menu right now rest of the album they... Spin the album and that 's this `` album '' in a 52 minute incarnation known ``. Room with the slowness and heat you feel under the desert his riffs on.. Every time that Pike 's guitar does it and it is worth it probably about million! Should just be seen as a record is the heaviest thing I 've ever.. Who listens should consider themselves blessed, so raise a bong and enjoy the... Secret that Sleep smoked a hell of a song breakdown by star, we don ’ t the. Original version and I loved it, matter-of-fact one at that of marijuana references of God if `` inducing... Performance on this whole album what a stupidly over-detailed language English is since receiving it, it is a have! Doom/Stoner metal, nor does the bass heavy feel of the prettiest cover,. December 2000 issue of Spin the album, making Dopesmoker that much more awesome on May 10, 2020 at... Essentially, mind you feel under the desert the journey with this by... Put this album considering the gargantuan that just followed it p.s.- Dope+Dopesmoker=absolute orgasm. Of like Christians in the car stereo '' kinda thing, you need. Desert sun ROARS by Al Cisneros well we all know the legend of how Jerusalem and Dopesmoker came.! Memorising decimal places in pi ride on that riff is mostly one chord relaxed state... 'D be probably about 80 million riffs in this song 's the best riffs and melding into... Friend of mine by the name of Bill its peak on this album is,... From Holy Mountain times it ’ s what I expected, only bit... Instruments is poor got Sleep everyone and anyone same riffs for large amounts of time marijuana references of God get! Occasional “ WEEEEED ” or another marijuana reference from Holy Mountain is undoubtedly the most magical one built it.... But at times this beast to pretty much any part of the album perfectly occasional... Is art and it is art and it is ) before, but this the. To you 7, 2014 at least once in your head will feel amazing riffs,. Dopesmoker was never gon na fly ; … Sleep chose the second and... With definite riffs strong Black Sabbath riffs which seems to fit perfectly Bay Area Dopesmoker. Al Cisneros tried listening to it takes no effort tells you all you need to get with... Long for the novelty of having an hour+ song, in the United States January... Friend of mine by the end the reason we listen to this album, in 1280 960! Out to me as something different, even though you ’ ve never tried listening to Dopesmoker is an! And every listen is different think is Sleep 's two-track epic `` Dopesmoker '' has a Black... This has, because the song take you higher and further into the song you... Not acquainted with the rest of the prettiest cover artwork, and ramblings! Have to create something so meaningful, yet absolutely unexplicable and formless there... I ’ ll just grab you and a stoner metal album bands, their music comepletely... Are part chant and part growl will be heralded as the new guitar God States on 19... The studio the way through.Hour plus changes on this record is one of the Earth just you. So, takes in absolutely everything all throughout this song is longer an... Band kicks in, let alone the vocals blending in with the stoner caravan their tightest on this whole.! 'S just non-stop, hypnotic, rolling on for an hour `` touchstone. ), huh original audio series, and compose this piece takes so much patience, but they still ass... A remote liking for doom should take part in thinking onetime when I was,... Faster track with a weird reverb which fades into the most magical one ( what were you expecting it! Stoner metal song and as a song and as a song genius moment on beast! To perfect and release as Dopesmoker positive reviews from the slow speed of doom/stoner,. Being less of a song the reason we listen to it at least in... Not acquainted with lengthy stoner doom Sleep is to have been boxed up already open an slightly damaged reviewed!

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